Saturday, December 27, 2008


Someone laid eggs in the hen house and I am assuming it was the hens :)

They are only 5 months old, so this is a bit unexpected. I will have to put the nest box in tomorrow.


Abbie said...

I just came across your site. My husband and I are thinking of getting 2-3 laying hens this spring and building a coop in our backyard. I'll be following along and learning from your experiences :)

Where do you get your chicks from? We're in CT, too.

John Duncan said...

I got the Rhode Island Reds from Salem Feeds on Rt 82 in Salem. will ship via US Mail as few as 3 chicks. They are located in Norwalk, CT, but only sell via the mail.

James said...

Congrats on the eggs! One of my B's started laying Christmas Eve, our 'Christmas Miracle' - ha. I surely hope the other 2 start soon, 1 small egg every other day is not paying their feed bill.


paul said...

My name is Paul Godfrey and I have been producing my own foods for many years now, I grow herbs and vegetables, keep poultry for eggs and for the table and keep sheep and pigs for all kinds of wonderful produce. I would like to share my adventures with others so have started a website.