Monday, July 13, 2009

Rooster gone to roost

Processed the rooster today. First bird ever processed. I thought I might take pictures, but it got visceral really quickly.
  1. Catch rooster
  2. Zip tie legs
  3. Hang from a nail on a tree
  4. Catch rooster
  5. Bungee cord legs
  6. Hang from nail on tree
  7. Cut its throat
  8. Bleed out
  9. Cut its head off because the bleed out did not cause said rooster to expire
  10. Scald
  11. Pluck. Pluck, and then pluck some more
  12. Eviscerate
  13. Feet off
  14. Rooster in the pot to make stock. About as far as I am willing to go with the first bird.
  15. Sleep past 5:45 am