Monday, September 22, 2008


I have a wood pile in my front yard: two cords of seasoned oak. For the last two years I have been stacking wood on pallets at the edge of the woods, as had the previous owners. In order to keep the wood dry it has to be kept covered with a tarp. That is an ass pain. Once again the interwebs came to my rescue or to my demise depending on how you look at it. Mother Earth News* has an article on traditional woodsheds. The article uses expensive and hard to find materials like 8x8 and 6x6 timbers for framing. I am going to use 4x4 timbers and adjust accordingly.

*Yes, Brian, I read the king of all hippy magazines. I also subscribe to the RSS feeds.

This is the site where the woodshed is going to go. It will replace the pallets. I started clearing the leaves and pieces of bark from previous loads of wood and running said debris through the wood chipper. This turned out to be such fun that the minions and I proceeded to shred the tree limbs that were left over from last falls tree cutting. No further work was done on the construction site.

Excavation resumed this afternoon. I actually managed to move some dirt. Mostly I pulled, dug, cut, and otherwise destroyed roots. There were also rocks. Lots of rocks. Big rocks. The above picture shows my favorite rock. His name is Dammit. Seeing as how Dammit required my truck to remove him from the ground, I figured that was enough for the day. I are tired.

Also, I have turned over the day to day ruling of the house to the creature pictured below. She was also found on the interwebs.

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David said...

If the rock is Dammit, what do you call the cat?