Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jersey Giants in the Coop

Old bedding composted, coop hosed out and whitewashed with diatomaceous earth slurry.  The Jersey Giant chicks are in with their nightlight (heat lamp) and all snug.  I am leaving the coop closed up for a couple of days to give them time to adjust before turning them loose in the run.


Anonymous said...

Hi John - I'm curious about your composting...are you still using pellets and what composting container are you using? We use hay or shavings, thinking about composting for future use in garden. I'm thinking about building an open composter (posts and chicken wire surround), but worried about the smell. Any tips? (

Callie Brady said...

We are going to get some Jersey Giants when Spring ever gets here and I can work on the chicken coop. I think I will try painting the coop this year.

David said...

John, I'm new to blogging and new to raising chickens. I will follow your blog and learn.

I only have 4 hens in my urban setting. I'm hoping to learn with these and maybe bump up to 6 hens in a year.

Thanks for blogging.